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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Really cool eyelet ideas

This is a really cool list of ideas for eyelets!
60 Ways to Use Eyelets and Brads:
Connectors on paper piecing for moveable parts
Attaching vellum
Accents on journal blocks
Accent to “hang” things from
Center of flowers
Center of letters
Spell out words (outline letters)
Corners of picture mat
Eyes of paper dolls
Nails in wood or a fence
Earrings for a paper doll
Belly button jewel for a paper doll
“Stone” in a ring
Buttons on a snowman
Decoration on a child’s ball, ornament, or other paper piecings
Stepping stones on a garden layout
Attach a fiber to a brad to make a yo-yo
Attach elements on a page by wrapping wire or fiber
To form “bullets” for a list of things
As an accent on the tail of a letter
In the hole of a tag
White – as stars on a black or navy blue sky
White – as dropping snowflakes
Light blue – as falling raindrops
Orange – as pumpkins
White – as moonbeams
Purple – grapes in a cornucopia
Brown – as chocolate chips on a cookie
Jeweled belt on a paper doll
Toppings on a pizza
M & Ms
Buttons on a shirt or dress
Decorations on an Easter egg
Decorations on a Christmas tree
Lights on top of a police car or fire truck
Center of a pinwheel
Center of tires, toy or real
End of antenna on a bug
Center of fiber spider web
Hair ornament on a girl paper doll
The “dot” on an “i” or “j”
Attach handle to a basket
Lace something together, using fibers here would work
Attach a sign to a post
Center of propeller on an airplane
On serendipity squares
Sesame seeds on a bun
Jeweled skirt on a paper doll
Use as a spider with the legs behind it or use wire for it’s legs
Dots on a ladybug
As fillers
Christmas Bulbs on a tree paper piecing
Eye on a frog
Use to embellish the corner of tags or Borders or titles
Attach fabric, twistel, wire, dream string or lace to paper
Use star eyelets for a night sky
Ends of a hammock
On butterfly wings
Oval nail heads as Easter Eggs
Buttons on a dress
Shoe buckle
Sprinkles on an ice cream cone or cupcake
How to Use Eyelets
It is time to roll up those sleeves and break out your handy tools. You will need a hammer, hole setter, and a resilient work surface such as a rubber craft mat to get started using eyelets.
Place your scrapbooking page face up on your work surface.
Put the hole setter on your page where you want to insert the eyelet.
Lightly tap the end of the hole setter a few times until a hole is created.
Place your eyelet upside down on your work surface and put your scrapbooking page over the eyelet so that the back of the eyelet sticks throught the hole you just created.
Place the setter with the flat end over the back of the eyelet and lightly tap the end of the setter with your hammer until the back of the eyelet begins to bend outward.
Hammer the back of the eyelet directly until the eyelet flattens down into place.
Turn your scrapbooking page over and be proud of your work

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