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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Circle of Dots Frame Free SVG

I am up tonight scrappin while the boys are sleeping shhhh =D I am doing a layout that I wanted to have dots around my circle svg that I cut out. I was looking for a template so I could use my white sharpie and do it that way but **sigh** found a template that was around 7.00 plus would have to pay shipping. I found out how to do them...mmmm several hours later into this evening ...WOOT! There it is! So now I can either put my mini color sharpies into my pen holder on my cricut and make colored dots or I can cut this out on cardstock and make my template =D Now I can go to sleep...night everyone...thought I would pass this along over to you so your not up late one night lol!
get file here


  1. Hi! This is EXACTLY what I've looking for! However, when I download the file, it doesn't come up. Would there be anyway you could email it to me, please??? Id greatly appreciate it so much! Thanks so much!

  2. Hi, I just found your dot frame. I would love to have it if it is still available but when I try to down load it tells me I didn't put in the right code. Can you help me.