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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back To School Shopping

Took little Jayden school supply shopping...MY FIRST!!!!! (my baby is going into Kindergarten =) whoohoo! Its great to still have 1st time milestones in my life =D

I was so excited to find this at Toys R US for 16.99...on Jayden's supply list they wanted a 18.5 wide box with lid..huh? just so happens that this kit is the dimensions they requested AND it included inside all the items on his list he needed except a little eraser (story about this little thing coming), the pocket folder and the hand sanitizer which we found at Walgreen's =D 

crayola Ultimate art supply kit that came in a plastic box that looks to be 13.5x8.25x4.75 and what's cool is it came with the blunt scissors, 8 count watercolors set, 8 count washable markers, crayons, 12 count color pencils CHECK then went to Walgreens and bought, poly plastic green folder, small plastic school box, hand sanitizer and the 12 pack #2 pencils and that total was 8 bucks...I'm just missing a darn Staedtler eraser lol!

The Story of the Little Eraser
 so I was doing soo great at the savings and the findings taking on the role as 1st time School Supply shopper and THEN.....what HURT....I went to Michaels Craft store AHEM for the little eraser and...and...and...100 bucks later...I couldn't find that little eraser hahahaha! I am blaming Martha Stewart on this....

Poor little Jayden was exhausted after doing his school shopping lol!

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